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Spiritual Symptoms of Food Addiction

• Do you feel that life would be fine if only certain
people or things would change?

• Do you pray and ask God to help you with your
weight, and then feel your prayers aren’t answered?

A food addict’s spiritual life is affected by a lack of
connection to a higher power, an attempt to rely on
self-will, self-obsession, and a general feeling of despair.
If you have identified with any of these symptoms, Food
Addicts Anonymous may be the place for you.
Food addicts find life less manageable or totally
unmanageable when eating sugar, flour, or wheat. When
we eliminate (abstain from) these substances and work the
Twelve Steps of the FAA program, food addicts are able to
create dramatic positive changes in the physical,
emotional, and spiritual quality of their lives. With
abstinence, a more satisfying life awaits you.

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